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VMB Automation has developed its own line of microcontrollers together with our partner Syel. The line distinguishes itself by smart configurations, wide applicability and pricing. In 90% of the projects a configuration can be composed from the Puzlle series. If this configuration does not meet your requirements, you can opt for a custom-made one. The microcontrollers usually run on Linux, which offers you many possibilities.
Krachtige microcontrollers

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VMB Components

DI (PNP) 4, DO (PNP) 4, AI 4, AI Type 0-10V 4-20mA, AO 4, AO type 0-10V, Encoders 1, RS232 2, RS485 1, Ethernet 1, USB 1, Micro SD 1, CAN 1
DI (PNP) 8+(4), DO (PNP) 8+(4), AI 6, AI Type 0-3,3V, AO, 4, AO type 0-10V, Encoders 1, RS232 1, RS485 1, Ethernet 1, USB 1, Micro SD 1, CAN 1
DI (PNP) 32, DO (PNP) 32, AI 8, AI Type 0-3,3V, AO 4, AO Type 0-10V, Encoders 4, RS232 2, RS485 1, RS422 1, Fiber Optic 2, Ethernet 1, USB 2 Micro SD 1, CAN 2

Procedure custom made


A specification is written together with the customer in which all wishes and requirements are recorded. The front-end of the controller is also determined in this phase.


An electronic design is made based on the specification. If necessary, a 0-series is set up and presented to the customer for approval.


Based on the specification, the software and possibly firmware are developed. The application is tested at the customer and prepared for standardisation.


Products are delivered according to specifications via call-off orders. VMB Components ensures that you have sufficient stock and that the custom-made product can be delivered just in time.

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