Microcontroller V4CPC VMB foil

Smart Control Components

Controller with 4,7″ touch screen. The operation, controls and communication are integrated in a single housing, so that the V4l provides unprecedented flexibility, computing power and communication possibilities – all in one component. Because the controller is so compact, you make considerable savings on the assembly, software and wiring. Front side with VMB logo. Include IPC with computing power, communication and video possibilities

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Technical information:

DI (PNP) 4, DO (PNP) 4, AI 4, AI Type 0-10V 4-20mA, AO 2, AO type 0-10V, Encoders 1, RS232 2, RS485 1, Ethernet 1, USB 1, Micro SD 1, CAN 1, HDMI 1

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