Solutions by VMB Automation

Through a web application you can see real time the performance of your machine park or process. The things that require attention are shown. You do not see the things that are going well. This leaves you time to focus on your core business.
By providing remote process insight, you can take targeted action and bundle matters. This saves you a considerable amount on travel costs, failure costs and production loss. It also offers opportunities in the rental market to monitor your applications, switch them on and off and control them at the times you want. Predictive maintenance can be part of this.

Total solutions

With our innovative solutions and solid expertise, your project is in good hands. From beginning to end, we ensure an optimal realisation of your project, whereby knowledge of hardware and software is brought together under one roof.


You can monitor certain business situations or KPIs remotely via a dashboard that we customise entirely for you.
This gives you real-time insight into your application. Implementing this properly will save you costs and downtime. We create a web-based dashboard for you and you can focus on your core business without any worries.

Internet of things (IoT)

Small devices or sensors are brought together via different protocols and standards.
This creates insight via various data streams and automatic links can be established. VMB Automation applies this within both small and large applications.