VMB and Aptean are partners in making your production facility work even better. With the Factory MES application you are able to reduce costs, gain efficiency, improve production process and visualize your process.


Real-time Performance Management.
Identify all manufacturing losses, measure OEE, monitor product costing in real-time and control crew performance.
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Enterprise-wide Factory Intelligence.
Analytics identifies variations in plant, SKU, value stream and shift performance pinpointing priorities for improvement and capital investment.

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Continuous Improvement Campaign Management.
Provide complete transparency of improvement initiatives throughout the factory.
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Quality Assurance.
Enable paperless compliance and tracking of all Quality Assurance processes throughout the factory floor.
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Factory MES technology
includes a proven change method that focuses on developing a structure of daily reviews to drive better performance – in every run, every shift and every day.
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In a world that is transforming fast, changing and looking forward becomes more important every day. In the manufacturing world the expectations of both consumers and businesses are getting bigger. Lower costs, quicker delivery, more tight regulations, flexibility and continuousness are just a few examples of what is expected from manufacturers. To achieve this we need to take a step forward in automization of our process. With factory MES this step can be easy, quick and with a very quick return of investment. Below you can see in wich way Factory MES can help you make this next step be ready for the future.

Expertise Centrum

A personal encounter works best if you really want to get in touch with each other. We look forward to meeting you in our Experience Center where relations, customers and suppliers have the opportunity to exchange and develop knowledge and ideas.

Whether you have a technical question or you ‘just’ want sound advice, we recommend you to use our Experience Center. Because in addition to regular business activities, the design, development and realization of hard- and software for complete control, you can also contact VMB Automation for specific questions about engineering, process engineering and ICT. Solving a -complex- problem can only fully unfold if you are willing to handle it in an open and transparent way and consult the best people in order to achieve optimal results. And that’s what we do.

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