A personal encounter works best if you really want to get in touch with each other. We look forward to meeting you in our Experience Center where relations, customers and suppliers have the opportunity to exchange and develop knowledge and ideas.

Whether you have a technical question or you ‘just’ want sound advice, we recommend you to use our Experience Center. Because in addition to regular business activities, the design, development and realization of hard- and software for complete control, you can also contact VMB Automation for specific questions about engineering, process engineering and ICT. Solving a -complex- problem can only fully unfold if you are willing to handle it in an open and transparent way and consult the best people in order to achieve optimal results. And that’s what we do.

Innovation and collaboration

We believe in innovation and collaboration. In order to come up with innovative solutions and remain a leading player, smart partnerships are necessary. The probability of success is unprecedented thanks to our approach and vision.


Expertise comes from people. First of all, our own technicians, they know all about control technology and IT issues. Moreover, they know the market. But we also work closely with knowledge partners and of course other companies. Our combined knowledge and experience we bring into play in order to develop an appropriate innovative solution for automating your production processes and fits your budget.

The process is as simple as effective. We analyze your question and modulate all “ingredients” that lead to an optimal solution into one organized whole. Everyone’s input and partial solutions are brought together into a clear overview so that no misunderstandings can arise about the approach and competences.


Aptean is a leading global provider of mission critical enterprise software solutions. We build and acquire industry-focused solutions to support the evolving operational needs of our customers. Our solutions help nearly 6,500 organizations stay at the forefront of their industries by enabling them to operate more efficiently, thereby ensuring higher customer satisfaction.

We are committed to driving exceptional business results and we take personal pride in everything we do. We hold ourselves accountable to the goals we set and we focus on “the how” in which they are achieved.

Our greatest success and strength comes from working together as a team, with our employees, partners and customers. We collaborate across boundaries. We value each other’s contributions and we ask for and provide honest feedback based on mutual trust and respect.

We achieve progress because we are forward thinking, curious and creative, and we work in an environment that encourages us to constantly learn and grow. We challenge ourselves to embrace new ideas and unique perspectives. We put them to work in our approach to deliver the best solutions for our customers.

We trust our instincts as we confidently face challenges and embrace difficult conversations. We do the right thing and aren’t afraid to question the norm and speak our minds. We overcome fears, execute thoughtful actions and make tough decisions with conviction. We are agents of change.

Smart industry 4.0.

Under the name Smart Industry the so-called fourth industrial revolution becomes reality. With this we mean that more and more devices, factories and manufacturing processes “talk” with one another over the Internet. This makes it possible to use data from one process, collected in real-time, for the other process

Smart Industry 4.0


Voor de Noord-Amerikaanse markt is het noodzakelijk schakelpanelen te engineeren en te leveren onder UL 508A. VMB kan voor u de hardware-engineering en paneelbouw verzorgen inclusief het certificaat om aan deze regelgeving te voldoen. Neem contact met ons op voor nadere info.

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