With control systems we provide complete control techniques. This means that we can realize the engineering, software development, building panels, installation and commisioning.


The power of control systems, our innovative complete solutions that optimize the performance of your machinery and installations. We think along with you to realize the desired result together. Thanks to the professionalism of our employees and our substantive expertise we can offer you the best solution, guaranteed.


With our innovative solutions and solid expertise, your project is in good hands. From the beginning to the end, we provide an…

Our team of engineers works – naturally in close collaboration with our software engineers- on a sophisticated hardware design.

The most advanced (production) process or installation network has no chance without intelligent software. Software that ensures optimum speed, safety and quality.

Our panel builders have great experience and set the same high standards as you do for the heart of your control.

Naturally our engineers aware of the specific requirements and standards in the installations. Moreover, they know your industry.


On a daily basis companies in the oil and gas industry around the world rely on the solutions of VMB Automation. We design, build and install the heart of their process plant: the control technology.


In the world of oil and gas continuity and security  are crucial. Therefore, we are fully aware of the applicable laws and regulations for this industry. We know the requirements of the ATEX standards and conditions for CE qualification and we know how to apply them in your specific environment.

You can find our control technology for complete systems all over the world. We also develop redundant part controls for the security of an FPSO, measuring stations for the supply of biogas to the central gas system, levelling systems for loading and unloading tankers, logging systems on oil rigs and many other operating systems.

A control technical solution within the water sector requires more than just basic knowledge of hardware and software. Substantive knowledge of procedures and standards that play a role in wastewater treatment plants and drinking water processes is necessary.

Drinking water companies can organize  the management and maintenance much more efficiently with advanced process automation. You also dispose of (realtime) process information.

As a manufacturer you design and build innovative machines or devices. You happily leave the control technical part to specialists, to VMB Automation. You’re not the only one who completely outsources this task. Specialists are scarce in the labor market. A large number of mechanical engineers is working together with us. These are companies around the world.


We distinguish ourselves through practical knowledge and an innovative approach to control technology. This allows us to get involved in the design and realization of various projects. Examples? Crane installations, special access systems in ports, decoilers, bag filling machines, waste separators, crane load protection, welding manipulators, mobile datalogsystemen, supply systems for bottle caps, filling robots, cloth-impregnating machines, air separators, weighing systems, furnaces, AGVs, sorting lines and so on. You can trust VMB Automation with your projects. We have experience with many PLC manufactures, bus systems, SCADA solutions, MES links, robots, micro controllers, barcode readers, RFID technology and other advanced technology.

VMB Automation, as an Agro & Food specialist, holds offices in the Food Valley region, namely Barneveld. This region is known for knowledge, innovations and practical applications in the field of Food. We too are known for this, hence our choice of a branch in this region.

Double challenge

Whether it is for agriculture or horticulture, (poultry) farming, or the production, processing and distribution of food. It revolves around a high degree of (food) safety, durability, productivity, efficiency and quality.

As a manufacturer, supplier or distributor in this business, you have a double challenge. You invest only if you are sure of a high rate of return on investment. This is why the technical creativity and deep knowledge of VMB Automation becomes valuable to you.

VMB Automation achieved all technical control solutions including freezer lines, juice production lines, CIP systems (bread) packaging lines, robot-packing stations, pot-plug lines, loading stations, cooling systems, hamburger bake machines, flow packers, internal transport and sorting lines.

We have knowledge and experience with many PLC manufactures, bus systems, SCADA solutions, MES / ERP links, robots, barcode readers, RFID technology and other advanced technology. Moreover we know the standards and conditions in the food industry, such as HACCP and BRC. We are able to integrate the security that guarantee the standards into your process automation in a practical way.

In this sector we regularly realize solutions to achieve savings in fuel consumption. With our technology ships can be more efficiently deployed. Our smart solutions makes the operation of ships more cost effective and real-time information is visible on land.

Expertise Centrum

A personal encounter works best if you really want to get in touch with each other. We look forward to meeting you in our Experience Center where relations, customers and suppliers have the opportunity to exchange and develop knowledge and ideas.

Whether you have a technical question or you ‘just’ want sound advice, we recommend you to use our Experience Center. Because in addition to regular business activities, the design, development and realization of hard- and software for complete control, you can also contact VMB Automation for specific questions about engineering, process engineering and ICT. Solving a -complex- problem can only fully unfold if you are willing to handle it in an open and transparent way and consult the best people in order to achieve optimal results. And that’s what we do.

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