Smart industry

Under the name Smart Industry the so called fourth industrial revolution is becoming a reality. By this we mean that more and more devices, factories and manufacturing processes are communicating with each other over the internet. This makes it possible to process collected real time data for the other process.


The basic pillars of Smart Industry is the use of ICT which makes it possible to control machines or processes. This is possible within the factory but also between companies and between companies and customers. It all comes down to smart products, smart processes and smart services.

New technical developments enables it that sensors are getting smaller, more ingenious and cheaper. In addition computers are becoming more powerful. It is obvious, that in the collection and use of Big Data, you handle this with care.

Smart Industry 4.0

Smart industry rests on three pillars

  1. Network Centric communication between people, means of production and customers
  2. Digitalization of information and communication at all levels in the production process
  3. Flexible, intelligent and customizable productions technologies

With Smart Industry you can reinforce your competitiveness. VMB will be happy to assist you in this process. Because we have a network-centric architecture that will allow you to realize the benefits of Smart Industry also within your company.

Expertise Centrum

A personal encounter works best if you really want to get in touch with each other. We look forward to meeting you in our Experience Center where relations, customers and suppliers have the opportunity to exchange and develop knowledge and ideas.

Whether you have a technical question or you ‘just’ want sound advice, we recommend you to use our Experience Center. Because in addition to regular business activities, the design, development and realization of hard- and software for complete control, you can also contact VMB Automation for specific questions about engineering, process engineering and ICT. Solving a -complex- problem can only fully unfold if you are willing to handle it in an open and transparent way and consult the best people in order to achieve optimal results. And that’s what we do.

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