Technically the development and construction of complex control systems is a complicated process Various production companies also call on us for controlling new machines and production lines. They purchase the machines without hardware and software. We design and realise the control technology in accordance with individual business-specific requirements and standards.

We have experience with PLCs from Omron, Siemens, Rockwell (Allen Bradley), Syel, Beckhoff, Wago, Mitsubishi, ED&A and Sigmatek, to name but a few. We often apply SCADA solutions from ZeNon or WinCC. We also have much experience with a variety of port systems and industrial applications, such as RFID technology, barcode readers, scanners, robots and modems

Cooperations is a key concept for VMB Automation, not just internally within our organization but also with partners. It is challenging to form a dynamic knowledge based world with partners but in our vision partnerships exist from a network in which partners are knowledge supplier and customer at the same time. In fact they are customers to each other.

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