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VMB Automation was founded in 2001 by Arie Verhoeven. The goal was and still is the development and construction of complete machine controls. The company has grown over the years to its current size and will grow further in the next few years. VMB Automation is currently located in Hendrik Ido Ambacht and in Barneveld. In 2012 a brand new durable building was built in Hendrik Ido Ambacht. The company is charactized by a no-nonsense culture and thus distinguishes itself from larger parties in the market. In particular the complete solution in Automation, nowadays called Smart Industries appeals to our customers.


VMB Automation was established in 2001 as VMB, Verhoeven Machine Besturing (Control). Our business activities cover a wide range of solutions in the field of industrial automation.

Due to the increase of activities and variety of company names it has been decided to change our name into VMB Automation. Under one roof and under one umbrella we can offer even better and more efficient service in complete machine control to our customers.


We serve our customers completely in terms of control and information technology. We do this as a knowledge- and sparring partner as well as in implementing solutions with products and services.

With VMB Automation you are choosing practical knowledge, quality, innovation and specialisation. We have extensive, specialised knowledge of both the industry and the latest technologies. This allows VMB Besturingstechniek to provide custom-made solutions. For the best quality assurance we are ISO 9001-2015 certified and our engineers are NEN3140 and VCA certified.


VMB Automation strives to realize its projects as sustainable as possible, Paying attention to Planet, People and Profit. Thereby we separate our waste streams at the source and we re-use packaging materials were possible. Our fleet consists of 83% from cars with a green label and electric cars can recharge up on our parking spaces. Our sustainable building is only acclimatized in the areas where it is needed an we only use green energy. Of course we focus on the well-being of our employees by periodically talking about safety, training and future perspective. For our community we take our responsibility by sponsoring various organisations, both local and national.











VMB Automation is een gerenommeerde organisatie in het ontwerpen en realiseren van hard- en software voor besturingstechnieken. Onze opdrachtgevers zijn onder andere actief in de maritieme sector, on- en offshore sector, olie- en gassector, agro- en foodsector en watermanagement.



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